Clover Garland Island

The sky draped itself face-down
A pacifying hood
Greyous in any way
And its cage was the dome of
The rainbow
Two-dimensional to some, but
For everyone beneath,
It was Atlas
If you looked up from below
At its coloration
Its bands grew broader
Towards the summit
As the shades short-waved
The most vast color: Violet

I was stuck on Violet, miniaturized
It was four days’ walk to the blue border
The “Land of the Arch’ed Circle”
That was Violet.

I imagined the bottom of the Rain Bow
Tunneling through the roots of the Mountain
I walked Violet to the Equator
Where I dug my own grave then died in it
Beaneath the ground I rode the royal hue
All through the Earth for Eternity

And as the sun became too dim
The frame dissolved and
The Greyous blanket fell.
It lay upon the grass until the Morning
When it was hoisted up again
By a spinning Rainbow
O’er the vale.