This is the File Download Page
for the album Part The Second
by maudlin of the Well.


We are making this album available in three separate formats for you:

Format 1 - mp3, V0 VBR - this is the easiest method of listening for the common internet/ipod user, although these are very high quality mp3s.

Format II - CD-standard WAV , 16-bit 44.1kHz - this is the best format for you to download and burn to a CD. Higher quality than the MP3s.

Format III - FLAC, 24-bit, 44.1kHz - this is for savvy audiophiles and is higher quality than a CD.

Download Instructions:
All three formats are available directly from

Format I: You may download a zip archive of the album in mp3 format here. Size: ~85MB

Format II: You may download the ZIP archive of the CD-quality WAV version here. Size: ~825MB

Format III: You may download the ZIP archive of the FLAC version here. Size: 475MB

This album was completely fan-funded, thus it can be released to you for FREE. However, all the band members put their time and energy into this project "out of pocket;" It was our pleasure to create this album for you, although we received no compensation or cost of living provided. Therefore, we're supplying our Paypal DONATE button here in case you would like to help support the artists behind this work.