An Excerpt From
6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before The First,


The Revisitation of The Blue Ghost

I wept anew at the final words and the drawing silence of the Dynamo. The light and fire that split the sky still unhinged my soul, and fear again within my mind took root. I asked the fading Dynamo of the serpentine blaze which seemed to hold a life apart from the Trinity, and seemed stronger than their combined force. I wondered aloud at the infernal flames that wrapped like boiling vines about the clouds, and illuminated them with an aethereal glow, and shot down with all the speed of a blinking eye, lost in thought and trying to count seconds. I was answered with the steady pulse, the rhythm of the waves that spun slowly atop the dreamily oozing altar within the sunken structure that had no beginning or cause, save the toil of an immortal imagination. When I left the sea and the brine and the undulating waves, the slight glow and shock still brushed against my flesh. I still could feel the pull of the great unknown Dynamo."