A quick note:

This is the website for the reunion album, Part The Second, by maudlin of the Well.

This recording could not have happened if not for the generous and ambitious actions of fans, who took it upon themselves to donate the costs of making this record. As a result, we are able to release this music to the public completely for free!

Here, you can listen to the songs and view the artwork simultaneously. Or, you can go to a Download Page, where you can download various formats of the album, and even in higher-than-CD Quality.

The story:

In June of 2008, I posted a blog entry (at kayodot.net/toby) in which i said I had been remembering some old and unrecorded motW-era tunes, and was amazed how clearly I could recall them, even though they had not really ever existed. The song most in my mind was what became track 01 here on Part The Second, and my initial blog post was mostly focused on the idea of doing just this one song (keeping in mind the cost of a motW-scale recording). Fortunately, fans who read the blog posting became excited to help turn this imagination into reality. I would like to especially point to the motW-myspace administrator, Chris, for having a strong hand in this. In addition to Chris, other special cases of help came in the form of relatvely large donations, without which, we surely would not have been able to do more than just one song for you all. So extra special thanks from the band and from all the fans is due to these people, who I won't mention specifically by name unless they ask me to (for privacy purposes).

I will follow up with some FAQ at my blog in the near future. And a quick warning - this site is optimized for modern computers with big screens and fast connections.

Now, prepare your nice loud speaker volume, quiet listening environment, and turned-off cellular phones. Click ahead, And on to the music! ~toby driver, may 2009